About Us

Our aim

AFAM association was established in 2002 with the aim of the following:

  1. To foster unity among the African residents in Miyagi Prefecture by maintaining closer contact among ourselves and to help one another as a body where needed.
  2. To acquaint ourselves with the problems of the African continent and with our individual problems and to understake collective measures where necessary.
  3. To engage in social and cultural interchange among us and the Japanese community.
  4. To protect and perpetuate the African cultural heritage through planned AFAM activities.
  5. To encourage and support members in issues of personal growth and innovations deemed beneficial to the general goals of the Association.
  6. To establish friendly relations and cooperation with the universities in the region and other student organizations.

The association has a mission to act as the main body to support the internationalization concept not only of Miyagi but all of the Tohoku region through events, public seminars and the like. Currently there are several African students in the universities in the Tohoku region and AFAM will serve as a union organization to network with all the Africans in the region.

AFAM participate in citizens activities, work with the local governments and organizations to deepen the understanding of the Japanese community regarding African values and culture and also assist in the regeneration activities of the Tohoku region.

Our logo

In November 2016, AFAM ran a contest for a Logo design through the website for the association and members responded overwhelmingly. We made the final selection among the various designs we had according to the general acceptance of members through online pooling and settled on the majority vote. We are privileged to introduce the one whose design won the majority vote and the concept behind the Logo.

The logo was designed by Abdeli Hamza. Born on February 1990 in Algeria. Studied Electrical Engineering in Algeria and got a State Engineer Diploma. He later pursued a Master Degree in Robotics in France, and presently in Tohoku University pursuing a PhD in Robotic Engineering, in the Prof. Shuji Tanaka’s MEMS laboratory. In his own words; “I am interested in art and design. I used to draw when I was a kid and that became a passion when I grew up. Now using computer I try to make some designs of logos, posters and the like for fun and as hobby”.

The Concept of AFAM Logo

Some Africans feel that Japan is in another planet and that is because of the geographical distance between Africa and Japan, and the same thing goes for some Japanese. Africans in Japan, particularly in Miyagi prefecture, are willing to change the mind-set about this by introducing the African culture through various voluntary activities to help reduce the distance between the two people and bring them to same world. That is what the Logo means.

In the Logo, Japan and Africa are close and not far anymore. Each color of the flag represents something unique. The red represent the love that holds together Africa and Japan in one globe. The globe means unity. The black represents the African culture and the white represents the Japanese culture. In the Logo Japan took the black color while Africa took the white color, which signifies the exchange between the two.

Therefore the meaning of the Logo is “Love, exchange, and unity”.

We are AFAM

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