Quand les Africains se réunissent sous la bannière AFAM

Loin de leur terre natale Des idées ont germées Une association est née Malgré toutes les difficultés Des africains se sont engagés. Sous la bannière d’AFAM Barrières Africaines se brisent Au-delà des frontières Du Maghreb au Sud de l’Afrique Les préjuges sont transcendés. En synchronisant leurs efforts Durant un festival notoire Ils promeuvent la culture Africaine Au point de séduire le cœur Japonais Au point de créer une ambiance folle.

Dancing in the Rain and Playing in the Mud - The African Way

AFAM's Kuvuki on Stage We woke up to a weekend ushered in by continuous raindrops that made glitters on the tarmac and mud on the ground. It is not what we were looking forward to especially after a night of careful hair making for a woman of color. It makes it twice the task when you have to maneuver on your own, anyway, that is beside the point. We soldierly embraced the wetness as we put up tents for the coveted Festival of the Year for Foreign Students in Tohoku University; Tohoku University International Festival (TUIF).

Introducing the First Tohoku Region “Japan-African Public Seminar & Cultural Performance”

African Association of Miyagi (AFAM) is set to hold the first ever in the Tohoku Region, a Public Seminar and Cultural Performance on the 17th of September, 2017 at the Sendai International Center. The theme of the Seminar is “JAPAN-AFRICA PARTNERSHIP FOR NEW DEVELOPMENT” including a panel discussion on the subject “Initiating Social Changes and Accelerating Progress”. A cross section of panelist at the 2016 TICAD in Nairobi Kenya Making reference to Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) last held in Kenya, Nairobi in 2016, the seminar is aimed at spreading the news to the Japanese community about Japanese Government’s initiatives in Africa, trying to minimize AID but partners for Development and Growth.

AFAM-JICA Fukushima Study Tour

The Fukushima Study tour was organized by the African Association of Miyagi (AFAM) in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Tohoku Office from March 7 to 9, 2017. A total of 57 African foreign students from the Universities in the Tohoku region; namely Tohoku University, Miyagi University, Akita University and Yamagata University who are members of AFAM and at the same time with some of them under the sponsorship of JICA took part in this tour to familiarize themselves with the current situation of Fukushima after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the subsequent tsunami that devastated the coastal areas of the Tohoku region and triggered the accident of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

New Year's Party, 2017

Group photos of AFAM members 1.0 The Organizing Secretary called the gathering to attention for the start of the programme at 2:40PM. 1.1 The Vice President delivered his Welcome Speech and invited a member to give an opening prayer. 1.2 Hazem Abbas Farouk from Egypt gave the opening Prayer. 1.3 The President delivered his new year Address/Message at 3:PM. He wished members a fruitful and happy 2017. Keeping his speech brief, the President referred members to his New Year message on the Association’s website.

New Year, new aspirations: Message from the President

Dear AFAM members: I am writing to convey my very best wishes to all of you as we start the New Year, 2017. 2016 witnessed the successful re-launch of the African Association of Miyagi (AFAM) and I would like to thank all of you for the individual roles you played especially the interim executive committee members who voluntarily worked so hard to make the re-launch possible. I also like to congratulate the newly elected Executives Members and also remind them of the great work ahead.