New Year's Party, 2017

Group photos of AFAM members
Group photos of AFAM members

1.0 The Organizing Secretary called the gathering to attention for the start of the programme at 2:40PM.

    1.1 The Vice President delivered his Welcome Speech and invited a member to give an opening prayer.

    1.2 Hazem Abbas Farouk from Egypt gave the opening Prayer.

    1.3 The President delivered his new year Address/Message at 3:PM.
        He wished members a fruitful and happy 2017. Keeping his speech brief, the
        President referred members to his New Year message on the Association’s website.

2.0 The Organizing Secretary called on the Financial Secretary to brief members on the updates of financial news of the Association.

    2.1 The Financial Secretary in his briefing indicated that:

            A. A seal (Hanko) has been procured for AFAM by the President and the Financial 
                Secretary at the cost of JPY 10,800

            B. Bank Account could not be opened for AFAM because the Bank ( 77, JP, UFJ***) 
               does not allow for 2 signatories in the issuing of cheques for withdrawals.

            C. Proposed amendment for Article XII-Financial Transactions of AFAM’s 
               Constitution would need further review and considerations by Executives 
               before any change can be made. In this regard the putting to vote for change of 
               Article XII was suspended until a future date is chosen.

            D. Members were encouraged to pay their annual membership dues to enable the 
               Association perform its functions adequately, particularly, events 
               that required money to execute.

3.0 The Information officer was invited upstage to announce, present the winner and outdoor the logo which won majority votes for adoption and use by AFAM.

    3.1 In his PowerPoint presentation, the Information Officer showed all logos submitted by 
        members for consideration, the polls each logo had collated and then announced a logo
        which polled a majority of 12 votes to be the winner. Mr. Hamza Abdelli from Algeria,
        was announced and applauded the winner of the logo that polled majority of votes.

    3.2 The Organizing Secretary informed members that if the logo passed the registration 
        test by the appropriate authorities of Miyagi, the logo designed by Mr.Hamza's would
        be officially adopted for AFAM’s use.

4.0 With interpretation assistance from the President, Mr. Sumitoya, Resource Person from Fukushima explained to members a social integration and interaction package being offered AFAM to tour designated areas which are undergoing regeneration exercises in the Fukushima Prefecture post 2011 great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

The tour is scheduled for March 2017. Further details would be given in the next meeting.

5.0 The General Secretary explained African dishes cooked for the party to Members and Guests. She encouraged all present to enjoy the foods served whilst notifying members of courtesy taken to provide halal meat and chicken for the dietary requirements of Muslims.

6.0 The Information officer and a member (Matthias) played a mix of African music to energize participants to eat, drink and dance.

7.0 Merry was made amidst dancing, chatting, taking pictures, renewing and making new friends.

    7.1 Vote of Thanks: The Organizing Secretary thanked Invited Guests for honouring AFAM’s 
        invitation, as well as members for their attendance.

8.0 The Party was brought to an official close by 6:40PM with a prayer by the Information Officer.

From the President: The New Year’s Party was partly sponsored by Miyagi Consumer’s Co-operative Society (Miyagi Co-op) by supplying some soft drinks, fruits, salad and 50 rice balls. AFAM is grateful to Miyagi Co-op for their support