The full name of the Association is African Association of Miyagi hereinafter refers to as AFAM.
Section 1:

Membership shall be open to all Africans who:

  1. Subscribe to the objectives of the organization.

  2. Is willing to make sacrifice for the attainment of the said objectives.

  3. Is willing to commit him/herself to tapping the potentials within him/her to their fullest.

  4. Membership shall be purely voluntary.

Section 2:

Associate membership shall be open to any non-African who has interest in Africa values.

Section 3:

Honorary membership shall be granted by the AFAM Executive Committee to people who have shown distinction, commitment, and an interest in the promotion of AFAM’s objectives as stated below.

Section 4:

All members above the age of 18, shall pay an annual membership fee of 2,000 (Two Thousand Yen).

Section 1:

AFAM has adopted the following as its aims and objectives:

  1. To foster unity and friendship among members.

  2. To provide a forum for the discussion of issues pertaining to Africa.

  3. To offer community services workshops to portray African values.

  4. To promote cooperation with other organizations in Miyagi such as TUFSA, Latin- America etc in the areas such as inter-association sports, cultural exchanges and fun fairs.

  5. To promote social interaction between the members and within the Japanese community.

  6. To co-ordinate with each other and offer assistance in emergency situations.

  7. To help incoming African residents settle in the Miyagi Prefecture.

  8. To act on other matters related to the aims and objectives as stated above.

Section 1:

The EXECUTIVE BODY is the main decision making body of AFAM and shall consist of the following officers:

  1. President

  2. Vice-Presidents : 1st & 2nd

  3. General Secretary

  4. Deputy General Secretary

  5. Financial Secretary

  6. Organizing Secretaries : 1st & 2nd

  7. Information Officer

The duties of the executive officers shall be as defined below.


  1. Shall preside over both the general and the executive body meetings.

  2. Shall be the overall spokesperson for AFAM in consultation with the executive body.

1st Vice-President:

  1. Shall assist the president in all official deliberations.

  2. Shall assume the duties of the presidency in the absence of the president.

  3. Shall in liasion with the General secretary appoint and/or oversee general elections.

2nd Vice-President:

  1. Shall assist the president in all official deliberations.

  2. Shall be assigned special duties by the executive body.

General Secretary:

  1. Shall, in consultation with the executive body, prepare agenda for all general and executive body meetings; shall take minutes at both general and executive body meetings.

  2. Shall be responsible for the general correspondence of AFAM.

  3. Shall in liason with the 1 st Vice President, coordinate elections and appoint a returning officer.

Deputy General Secretary:

  1. Shall assist the general secretary in above duties.

  2. Responsible to secretary and shall assume the office of the general secretary in his/her absence.

  3. Shall be responsible for all sub-committee secretariat coordination.

Financial Secretary:

  1. Shall be responsible for collecting all dues.

  2. Shall be responsible for all financial correspondence.

  3. Shall be responsible for fund-raising collections.

  4. Shall present quarterly financial statements to the general body.

1st Organizing Secretary:

  1. Shall be responsible for social and cultural functions.

  2. Shall prepare activity mini budgets for presentation to the executive body.

  3. Shall preside over fundraising functions.

2nd Organizing Secretary:

  1. Shall draw quarterly plans, in liasion with the 1 st Organizing Secretary, for the social and cultural functions.

  2. Shall be in-charge of internal marketing (lobbying) of the AFAM to the Japanese community.

Information Officer:

  1. Shall be in charge of public relations.

  2. Shall recruit new members.

  3. Shall be responsible for maintaining a database of all members.

  4. Shall be responsible for the association’s publication(s).

  5. Shall be responsible for the maintenance and regular updating of the association’s webpage.

Section 1:

All members of African Association of Miyagi of mature age (18 years and above), as defined by Article II, may vie for any one of the offices of the Executive.

Section 2: Anybody who holds an Executive Position in any other African Association in Miyagi other than AFAM is not eligible to hold an Executive position in AFAM.

Section 3:

Candidates should have been paid-up members as in section Article II Section 4.

Section 1:

  1. The general elections shall be done through secret balloting at an Annual general membership meeting every spring quarter.

  2. The Outgoing 1 st Vice President and General secretary shall appoint a returning officer on the election date to conduct the elections. In the absence, of a returning officer, the two will oversee the elections.

Section 2

  1. Candidates to the executive positions shall present their names to the outgoing General Secretary in preparation of election documentation one week prior to the elections.

  2. All nominees for office should be present at time of election but, with prior arrangement, may be elected proxy.

Section 3

Voting rights shall not be of less than 16 years of age.

Section 1:

  1. Executive officers shall not hold the same office for 2 (two) cosecutive terms.

  2. A term shall constitute of one year.

Two-thirds of the membership meeting may remove an officer on the petition of any member.
Section 1:

Elections must be held within thirty-one (31) days after the vacancy occurs.

Section 2:

In the event that an election cannot be held within the required thirty-one (31) days, the Executive.

Body shall appoint someone to the vacant office until the next general elections.

Section 1. Membership dues:

Each member above 18 years of age shall pay to AFAM a minimum amount of 2,000 annually as dues; payable by the end of May.

Section 2

Additional funds to be obtained through fund-raising activities.

Section 1:

All financial transactions shall be signed by one of the three (3) Executive Committee members whose signatories to AFAM. In the event a cheque is written to one of the three signatories, then one of the two remaining must sign.

Section 2:

The Executive Body of AFAM must have an annual audit and the Financial Secretary shall report to the general members.

Section 1:

A membership meeting shall be held at least once every quarter.

Section 2:

Emergency meetings shall be called by at least two of the Executive Body members upon request of any member of the Executive Body or of the membership.

Section 3

Executive Body meetings shall be called by the President or, in his absence, by the Vice-President or General Secretary.

Section 1:

Two-thirds of the members of the membership shall constitute a quorum of any membership meeting.

Section 2

Five officers of the Executive Body shall constitute a quorum at any Executive meeting.

The constitution of the association may be amended upon petition by a member and on approval by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership.