AFAM Person of the month - September

Fareeha Khalid

Degree : Doctor
Course of study : Medical Science

Country : Pakistan
Arrival in Japan : September 14, 2012

Q & A with Ms Fareeha Khalid

Tell us about your experience in Japan :

It has been a great time in Sendai is like my second home town now. It is beautiful and peaceful with different festivals to enjoy every season. I have had experienced with marine labs during my undergraduate and medical labs for my master and PhD. These years have been challenging but at the same time a lot of learning so I’m grateful for this opportunity.

What about your AFAM experience ? :

Initially I worked in AFAM as a volunteer helping the organizing teams and took part in performances in dancing team. After that, I officially worked as a Welfare secretary for an year. We tried helping out managing some events, cheaper housing and translations for new comers. I have learnt a lot about different cultures and especially Africa, I have received so much love and warmth from everyone. I am honored to be a part of AFAM family.

Do you have anything you like doing in your free time ? :

I like travelling, shopping, reading books and baking.

Can you share with us, your future plans or goals ? :

I would like to work as scientist in pharmaceutical industry. My dream is to publish a book.

And finally, whats your favorite quote ? :

"There is a difference between knowing the name of a something and knowing something ”
Richard Feynman

My memories in Japan

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