Name: Jacqueline Muthoni MBUGUA

having fun at Ishinomaki
Ishinomaki (Japan)

Arrival in Japan

April 2016 (Spring). A season where the beautiful Cherry tree flowers blossom. These flowers are popularly known as ‘Sakura’ in Japan.

Course of study

I am a PhD student, major: Hydrology and my research is examining the impact of irrigation on inland lakes water balance using remote sensing.

Experience in Japan

It has been a lovely experience full of adventure, learning new skills, knowledge building, wider traveling and making new friends who are like a second family to me. At first, my research was a bit challenging because I needed to learn how to code for my research and I had no background knowledge whatsoever in programming. I didn’t know this was a skill I’d require and I was skeptical about it. However, I am glad that I put in the effort because programming has been quite handy especially when processing large amounts of data. Additionally, because of my research, I have had the opportunity to travel around for both conferences and field research.

AFAM experience

AFAM brings together not only people from Africa but also other interested parties as well. The organization creates many activities to showcase our culture, heritage, skillset and promote the potential of our motherland Africa. I personally enjoy the parties organized by AFAM because of the variety of African food on offer at such events. You get to sample food from different parts of Africa!

My best quote: Ganbatte !

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