AFAM Person
of the month
February 2021

Ms Celma Costa

Degree / Course of Study
Masters in Politics

Country : Mozambique

Q & A with Ms Celma Costa

Tell us about your experience in Japan :

I love watching the seasons as they come and go, and celebrating the small treats that come with them!

What about your AFAM experience ? :

Thanks to AFAM I've been able to participate in career, academic and cultural activities. During these events, I met many Africans who've been in Japan longer than I have and learnt from their experiences with adjusting to life in Japan. I also joined the dance group in AFAM for an annual cultural festival held in Sendai (Sendai World Festa). AFAM is indeed A- FAM -ily that makes you feel at home.

Do you have anything you like doing in your free time ? :

Drawing, Japanese Calligraphy, Travelling

Can you share with us, your future plans dreams or goals ? :

Become better and better in Japanese Calligraphy, and slow travel along the Tohoku Coast!

And finally, whats your favorite quote ? :

"Not all those who wander are lost”

My memories in Japan

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