AFAM Person
of the month
March 2021

Mr Kevin Kipruto Mutai

Degree / Course of Study
Master of Engineering, Electrical and Communications Engineering

Country : Kenya

Q & A with Mr Kevin Kipruto Mutai

Tell us about your experience in Japan :

Japan has been an exhilirating experience for me thus far. On an academic basis, the facilities and equipment I have had access to here totally blew me away. A particular highlight was when I was told that I could use a rare piece of equipment that I'd only read about before whenever I wanted. On the social side of things I've had the singular pleasure of making acquaintances with interesting people from diverse backgrounds and from different parts of the world. Through them I've experienced their culture and way of thinking vicariously which I believe to be very enriching personally.

What about your AFAM experience ? :

Joining AFAM meant an opportunity to meet people who have been here longer than I have and I could learn from their experiences. Of course, attending events where you get food reminiscent of home doesn't hurt either!

Do you have anything you like doing in your free time ? :

Reading, Chess and of course, soccer!

Can you share with us, your future plans dreams or goals ? :

Become a world class researcher and make meaningful contributions to humankind.

And finally, whats your favorite quote ? :

"No learning curve is too steep for the determined soul.”

My memories in Japan

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