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September 2021

Mr Newton Dias

Date of Arrival in Japan: November 2019 Degree/Course of Study: Master's in Global Economics and management.

Country : Angola

Q & A with Mr Newton Dias

★ Experience in Japan

I've had great experiences with people and it keeps getting better, with lots more fun coming around. At first, it was quite difficult to manage life since I didn't speak the language nor had help. So getting around and taking care of documentation was a hassle. But the people are so kind and patient when attending me. It motivated me to learn the language, during which i became more intrigued with the Japanese and wanted to understand their culture.
★ AFAM Experience I've volunteered in the organising committee and helped with ideas and opinions on organising events for AFAM.

What about your AFAM experience ?:

AFAM was a place where I felt like I’m home. I met beautiful African people from different countries that we respect each other as a member of one big family.


Swimming, cycling, hiking, touring

Can you share with us, your future plans dreams or goals ? :

Facilitate business investment in Angola through safer channels of investment for locals and foreigners.

And finally, whats your favorite quote ? :

“When your mind and your heart agree with you, then you have mastered yourself..”

My memories in Japan

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