AFAM Person of the month - November

Mr Kwame Antwi Simpeh

Degree / Course of Study
Masters in Economics

Country : Ghana
Arrival in Japan : April, 2016

Q & A with Mr Kwame Antwi Simpeh

Tell us about your experience in Japan :

Have had the opportunity to study and work in Japan. The experience has been challenging and interesting, especially the business culture. In general, my stay in Japan has been wonderful and great.

What about your AFAM experience ? :

Afam is like a family and the experience is awesome. It is with great joy to meet my brothers and sisters from other African countries. May God bless Afam and Africa

Do you have anything you like doing in your free time ? :

Checking up on family and friends. Watching documentaries on economic issues, politics, health, etc..

Can you share with us, your future plans or goals ? :

To become the President of the Republic of Ghana. And also contribute to the awareness of climate change.

And finally, whats your favorite quote ? :

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present”
Bill Keane

My memories in Japan

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