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S/N Activity / Event Schedule Target Audience Fee (Yen)
1 General meeting/Welcome party 15 May AFAM members and volunteers Free
2 Virtual tourism (African countries) 29 May Japanese/AFAM members/Public Free
3 Virtual cooking (Japanese dish) 19 June Public/AFAM members Free
4 Virtual music concert 17 July Japanese/AFAM members/Public 500
5 AFAM alumni presentation 21 August AFAM members/Public Free
6 Volunteer tutoring on specific skills (app development, website, etc) 25 September AFAM members/Japanese/Public Free for AFAM members -500 for others
7 Virtual cooking (African dish) 27 November Japanese/AFAM member/Public 500
8 General meeting/End of year party 18 December AFAM members and volunteers Free
9 African traditional medicine/herbal supplements in Japan 29 January Japanese/AFAM member/Public Free
10 AFAM alumni presentation/business persons in Japan 26 February AFAM members/Public Free
11 AFAM elections/General meeting 19 March AFAM members and volunteers Free

Upcoming Event

Welcome Party
For our new friends from Africa

2nd January, 2023 (MON) 5:00 PM start

Past Events

For the past three years, Miyagi Africa Association has been holding African cultural seminars to promote international exchange with citizens. In the first half of the seminar, experts, African ambassadors, and JICA staff were invited to give lectures on world issues and the current state of Africa to help the general public understand Africa better. In the second half of the event, we had dances, food, and booths to deepen the exchange between the participants.

However, due to the effects of the coronavirus, we have not been able to continue our activities, so we decided to hold an “Online African Cooking Exchange” to continue our exchanges online. The content of the event is to deliver Ghanaian cuisine to the participants through a live online broadcast.

The following is the relevant information.

Some Of Our Past Event Videos

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