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Full membership is opened to all Africans and associate membership opened to non-Africans who share African values.
Membership is recognized by paying a 2,000 yen fee per fiscal year/academic year, so as to fund our seasonal parties, events as well as welfare issues that will make our year great.

Advantages of becoming AFAM

  1.  AFAM is a form of a mini-society to learn the importance of social interaction and influence. By joining AFAM, you’d benefit from having the opportunity to network with other Africans and non-Africans and exchange ideas, learn something that you cannot learn in the classroom through community interactions.
  2.  All AFAM members including their families are eligible for AFAM Welfare Support.
  3.  Anyone who becomes a member has the chance of becoming an executive member or a committee member to manage the association in planning and execution of AFAM activities. This leads to self-improvement.
  4.  A member automatically join AFAM Google platform for exchanges among members.
  5.  Certificate of social contribution and award of service is given to members for their dedication.
  6.  AFAM members can enjoy from AFAM Housing Service. Read more.

Support Us

  1. Volunteer with Us
    We value your time and skills. Volunteering with us is an opportunity to develop new skills and make new friends. If you have time to give and the commitment to promote African values among the Japanese community, we are keen to welcome you among our team. Please fill this form to become an AFAM volunteer
    Positions available
    • IT Team (images, videos handling)
    • Event Planning/Organization (seminars, community interaction events, cultural performances, public awareness raising etc.)
    • Japanese and English Translator ・ Interpreter
    • Catering services (during events) 
  2. Donate
    AFAM Global Poverty Initiatives (AGPI) is one of the priority assignments undertaken by AFAM in line with the achievement of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. AFAM is seeking funding from organizations and individuals to support registered NGOs in Africa who have distinguished reputation of working towards poverty reduction in Africa. Read more.
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