Child Friendly School Presentation

Miyagi Co-op donates to the "Child Friendly School” Initiative of African Association of Miyagi (AFAM).

Miyagi Co-op, a consumer co-operative society ( in Sendai, Japan, donated 150,000 yen (equivalent to US$1,200) to Swedru High School (SWESCO) towards the “Child-Friendly Schools Initiative” program of the African Association of Miyagi (AFAM) ( The donation was presented by Dr. Ismail Issah, Vice President of AFAM, to Ms. Golda Esi Andam, Headmistress of SWESCO on May 6, 2022 at the school campus . Student representatives were also present at the presentation ceremony.

みやぎ生活協同組合 (みやぎ生協)(は、宮城アフリカ協会(AFAM)(の「子どもにやさしい学校づくり」プログラムの一環として、スウェドル高校(SWESCO)に15万円(1200米ドル相当)を寄贈しました。寄付金は、AFAM副会長のIsmail Issah博士からSWESCO校長のGolda Esi Andamに贈呈されました。贈呈式には、学生代表も出席しました。

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